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‘Money Saving Printing tips’

With printing not all products, finishes and quantities are the same. Its very different to buying a pack of paper off a shelf. All our products are bespoke printed just for you in house. We do have some ‘wiggle room’ on prices and more than happy to negotiate and get you the best deal where we can using our years of experience in the trade.

Buy more/plan ahead

We see quite alot of people reducing the quantity being printed, rather than order 10 Carbonless pads at a time they will order 5. The price difference between ordering 5 to 10 is only marginal compared to ordering 2 lots of 5. Why not buy 2 years worth instead of one ?

A brochure with just a website and phone number can last for many years even if you move a few times, people do tend to look you up on the internet first anyway (I know I do)

A separate price list can save you money too in the long run, 1000 brochures with prices can quickly become dead money if your suppliers put their prices up. A simple price list addition can be run at 100 a time and updated as necessary and its a great way to resend your information to customers too.

Savings upto 3%

Longer deadlines

The prices you see on our website and may receive on email are for our standard turnaround of 3-5 days (or sooner) if you are happy to wait a few extra days and in no rush we are more than happy to give you further discounts…7-10 days could save you 5% !

Savings upto 3%

Paper weight V thickness

Lots of paper stocks come in different weights, a gloss 130gsm is thinner than a silk or matt 130gsm. We work in weights not necessarily thickness. would you notice if your brochure was printed in a 150gsm rather than a 170gsm ? By dropping down a weight can save you between 5 and 7.5%

Savings upto 3%

Size Does Matter

When your thinking about posting your documents, brochures or magazines if you are doing in A4 size it can cost alot, we can offer different sizes and solutions to fit in with Royal mails postage guideline to become a standard letter size. Not only will you save money on the post the printing will be a little cheaper too and sometimes you can have even more pages.

Speak to us about printing your envelopes with your logo, message or return address. Every bit of branding and the more impact the better. Sometimes we can print and supply envelopes cheaper that you can buy on the high street.

Savings upto 20%

Payments on order

The easiest way to save money is to pay on order, cutting down on admin time and ensuring the payment is in our bank before dispatch really does save us money on overdraft fees and means we can pay our suppliers quicker getting further reductions from them. If you’re an account customer currently we are more than happy to offer a 2.5% discount if you pay on order by card or bank transfer from any prices we give you by email (our web prices are already geared up for this)

Savings upto 2.5%

Merchants & Brands

Don’t get tied up in brands of paper, years ago most people used to have letterheads on Conqueror. Today there are lots of equally good papers out there at a fraction of the price, just ask us for alternatives. Some printers only use one paper supplier, we use 4 currently, all selling the same type of products at various prices. We are in constant negotiations to get the best deal for you from them.

Savings upto 20%

Pay no VAT

With printing some products are VAT free for example, booklets, newsletters, magazines & leaflets. If you have a form on them occupying more than 25% that item then becomes liable to VAT, it could work out cheaper if you have the form as a separate item. You could then put your prices on it making the leaflets more generic and able to order more and pay less per unit. If you have a multi page document a simple bind or staple can make it VAT free too.

A postcard printed on 300gsm would be Vatable but on a 200gsm – 250gsm its classed as a limp card by HMRC so could be VAT free.

Ask us to look into the options for you when we speak next.

Savings upto 20%

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